Virtual Teamworking

More and more companies work in so-called onsite/offshore organizations where some team members are located in Europe and other team members are located in low cost countries. These virtual software development teams are tasked to develop complex software systems. The team members of these teams do not see each other and in order to master the project have to learn virtual work practices.

Some projects are finished successfully, but others have to struggle with many constraints: deadlines are not managed successfully, the results have not the expected quality, costs are far higher than the budget allows and the desired economic effects are not realized.


On the other hand, the prospects of virtual co-working change, for instance through virtual worlds like SecondLife® or the fact that younger people already belong to the generation of „Digital Natives“, that means they grew up with computer technologies. Up to the present, members of virtual project teams were „Digital Immigrants“, thus people to came in contact with computers in their later professional life. These different aspects have an influence on the success of co-working in an virtual team.


We support your interlocal project plans with online-webinars about virtual solutions.

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