GeProS Terms of Business January 2010

German Project Solutions – Ralf Friedrich


Subject matter of the contract

Registration, conclusion of the contract


Qualifi cation of participants

Fees for the event

Performance of the event

Event documentation



Data protection/confi dentiality



1.Subject matter of the contract


The general terms and conditions of GeProS regulate the organization of chargeable events. The contractually agreed services and the conditions for attendance are quoted in the respective event description or are the subject of the offer confirmed by the client.


2. Registration, conclusion of the contract

Registration for a chargeable event organized by GeProS can be idone by online-shopping on our pages, or via mail, fax or email using the registration form which can be obtained from GeProS or by informal registration naming title, date and price of the event or number and date of the offer respectively. In the event of preliminary registration by phone, a written registration must be submitted subsequently. Prior to the beginning of the event, the participant / client will receive confirmation of the registration or the order in writing, provided the registration is received in good time.

The contract is concluded on receipt of the binding confirmation of the registration / order by the participant / client.

3. Reversal / cancellation


Cancellation by the participant must be in writing.

If GeProS receives a cancellation up until 14 days prior to an event, 25% of the fees for the event will be charged. In the event of rescission at a later stage, 75% of the fees for the event become due.Registration can be transferred to other participants.GeProS reserves the right to cancel confirmed events for organizational or other reasons (e.g. insufficient number of participants) up until 14 days prior to the beginning of the event. GeProS will then endeavour to offer alternative events. In the event of reversal or cancellation of an event no claims can be asserted against GeProS.

In the event of failure at short notice to assign the promised trainer, e.g. due to accident or illness, GeProS will endeavour to find and assign an adequate substitute. If in individual cases this is not possible, GeProS at any time reserves the right to defer the date of the event. Claims due to deferment cannot be asserted against GeProS.


4. Qualifi cation of participants

Qualifications required for the participation in the event are quoted in the description of the event or in the offer. GeProS reserves the right not to admit participants to an event or to uninvite participants from an event which has already started if it becomes apparent that the participant obviously does not have the qualifications required. In this event claims for complete or partial reimbursement of the fees for the event cannot be asserted.

5. Fees for the event


The conditions quoted in the price list valid at the time of the confirmation of the order / registration apply. Non-attendance or part-time attendance at the event does not warrant a reduction of the fee. The fee includes documentation. Costs for travel and accommodation of the participants are not included. Costs for travel and accommodation of the trainer(s) are included in the fee.

For events with a duration of up to five days, the fee plus VAT will be invoiced after completion of the event. For events of a longer duration, the fee plus VAT will be invoiced 5 days after the beginning of the event. Invoices are payable without discount upon receipt. If the invoiced amount is not received within 30 days after the date of the invoice, GeProS has the right to claim interest on arrears.The rate of interest on arrears is 10 % p.a. above the discount rate of Deutsche Bundesbank effective at the time of calculation.

The participant may claim a set-off only if the participant‘s counterclaims are undisputed or have become res judicata.


6. Performance of the event

The location of the event is quoted in the respective current event description or in a GeProS diary. The location may be subject to alterations. Unless otherwise agreed the event starts at 9.00 a.m. on the first day or at 10.00 a.m. respectively for events lasting several days, usually with a duration of 8 lessons of 45 minutes per day. For hotel events and events geared to specific client requirements, the schedule is based on the topic of the event. In case of doubt the details given in the confirmation apply.


7. Event documentation

The event documentation passes into the ownership of the participant. The documentation may not be copied, processed, published or used for public reproduction without written consent by GeProS. All other documentation may not be removed from the premises.

All rights reserved by GeProS.

The use of trademarks, business names or any other names for advertising purposes or other publications requires prior written consent of the holder of the right.


8. Accommodation / hotels

The participants are responsible for the organization of their own accommodation and catering during the event. If the hotel or accommodation booking for an event (e.g. hotel event) is made by GeProS, the reservation is made on behalf of the participant or client. Any special conditions negotiated by GeProS are transferred to theparticipants.


9. Liability

Towards the participant / client, GeProS is only liable for damages caused wilfully or by gross negligence, regardless of the legal cause. Personal liability of members of staff or sub-contractors acting as employees of GeProS is excluded. GeProS is not liable for indirect damages (e.g. consequential damages, damage to property or loss of profit) or loss of data and/or software programmes. Liability is limited to an amount of 50,000 € Claims against GeProS are subject to a limitation period of 12 months. Liability is not assumed for objects deposited by participants at the event. GeProS does not assume liability for damages of any kind caused by other participants.


10. Data protection / confi dentiality

In accordance with data protection regulations GeProS is committed to treat any kind of information regarding participants as confidential. The participants agree to electronic storage and processing of personal data, in so far as it is required for the purpose of the contract.


11. Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with an event organized by GeProS is 64807 Dieburg/Hessen

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