Project Coaching

Projects are  complex, people as well. Processes and inner attitudes can be created anew and, by using project coaching, effectively and sustainable be enhanced.

It is my task to enhance the performance of intercultural project teams. I will take care of your project and make the execution more controlled and structured. To succeed, I take different approaches and use different coaching tools. Here, I offer the solutions that fit for you and your situation, like a combination of project coaching and virtual coaching, as it is right and appropiate for you.


For instance: Develope your project teams through ressource-orientierted coaching.

Ressource- orientieted coaching is an efficient tool for project managers, project teams and project stakeholders. Ressources from our environment like people, information, knowledge or things motivate us to reach our goals, to flee from distinct situations and to take decisions. The way of the process takes, besides the evaluation of ressources, the optimization of all ressources in an action close to context. The result of the coaching process is to clarify your way to reach your projected goal and to enhance your performance.

What does happen in a coaching session?

We start from your goal definition: what are your defined goals and what should be the way to reach them, your need for an optimization or your need for a ompletely new solution. In the beginning of a coaching session your personal goals will be discussed with you or the team goals will be defined together with your team. Using our different coaching tools and our passionate commitment results and the desired success will be obtained  within short time.

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