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GeProS is the expert for virtual project work. Our solutions vary from innovative qualifications of virtual team- and project leaders to virtual project coachings in step with actual practice.
Your benefits are successful virtual projects and motivated virtual project teams.
We keep our knowledge about virtual project work constantly up to date, by active research in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of Darmstadt and the C.I.T. - Cork Institute of Technology. Thereby our solutions are well – grounded, approved and on the pulse of time.
We do live up to our promises. Our seminar leaders and coaches work virtual from their global locations and practise what we communicate to our customers: virtual organizations can develop creativity in a complete new way!
Virtual teamwork changes rapidly. Think about virtual worlds like SecondLife® or the new technical devices such as smartphones and tablet pc's offering new usage and processing of information.
On the human side, different generations meet: “digital natives“: people who are born into computer technology, and "digital immigrants“, people, who came in contact with computers later in their professional life. All these different aspects have influence on the success of virtual team cooperation. Depending on your special environment, we strengthen your virtual project teams through an individual combination from our virtual toolbox full of methods and concepts.
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